About Us

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In the years immediately following World War II, Boyd Bolton began supplying timber for fence posts, poles & firewood under the name 'Lysterfield fuel supply'. He was a well-known local, involved in the local cricket and helped run dances at the old Lysterfield hall. This is where he met Pat Boyanton, a young girl from another well-known local family. Soon they were married.

As part of his logging operations out of the bush, Boyd utilised bullocks, a lovely old draught horse and finally he bought a second hand Oliver bulldozer to drag the logs out. He would have to form a few bush tracks to get his wartime Chev trucks in & out and soon locals were asking him to build driveways and roads in the area. Bit by bit the equipment improved as old petrol/kerosene Fordson tractors gave way to diesel machines and somewhat younger trucks. Bolton Earthmoving was formed in 1947.

In the early 50's Boyd and Pat had 3 young children and, little did they know, a three generation family business was born.

Second son Gary took on the business in partnership with Boyd, he married and had 4 boys and a girl. Three of the boys: Luke, Matthew and James now work side by side in the family run concern and have, between them 100+ years of combined experience.

Things have come a long way since those humble beginnings. The Bolton name has become synoymous with efficiently carried out and reasonably priced earthwork. With modern, up to date equipment Boltons branched out into most aspects of earthmoving with a knowledge of local soil and conditions second to none. One thing that hasn't changed is the quality of work and reputation. The bulk of our work is still sourced from return work for, and referral by satisfied clients.