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Bolton Earthmoving is a family owned and run company and has been since 1947. Three generations of born and bred operators have saturated the eastern suburbs with examples of the quality services we provide.

The machines may have diversified over time but our strong work ethic and enthusiasm remains the same.

Our knowledge of the industry is a resource that our regulars find invaluable; if there's a task we can't take care of personally, we know an honest tradie who can.

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Our Services

Backhoes for foundations, drainage and sewer work. We have a range of Ditchwitch chain trenchers and under road borers for the installation of electrical conduits, root barriers, service and communication conduits.

We have vertical borer units for stump holes, foundation piers, foundation underpinning, installation/boring of power transmission, sports and area lighting pole foundations.

We supply and install sports and area lighting poles and lights including all underground work.

Our broad range of equipment means we are able to deal with most limited access situations.


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Quality Work & Competitive Prices!

With a scope big or small enough for any job, Bolton Earthmoving specializes in all areas of earthworks and area lighting.

Focusing on quality work and friendly customer service.

With competitive prices we provide Bobcats and Tippers for excavation, rubbish removal, crushed rock and fill supplies.

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BOBCATS WITH 4 IN ONE BUCKET Leveling Excavation Grader Blade Attachment Soil / Concrete & Rubbish Sorting Bucket Soil / Concrete & Rubbish Removal Light Tree Work Limited Access Work

DITCHWITCH TRENCHERS  Access From 1m Wide Power / Water / Communications / Gas Service Trenches Tree Root Barriers To 3m Deep P.V.C. Root Barrier Matting Supplied & Fitted

BACKHOES  300mm, 400mm & 600mm Trenching To 3m Plus Deep Foundation Trenches General Excavation Work Sewer Location / Installation Storm Water Trenches Limited Access Work

VERTICAL BORERS 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm Diameter To 4m Plus Deep Stump Holes & Pier Bores Pier & Beam Foundations Foundation Underpinning Bores Limited Access Work

HORIZONTAL (UNDER ROAD) BORERS From 50mm To 200mm Diameter For Pipes, Conduits & Cables Drain Work

TIPPERS 10 Cubic Metre Volume Rubbish / Concrete / Soil Removal Filling / Crushed Rock / Soil Supply General Transport

POLES All Type Lighting, Power & Camera Poles 3 Metres To 30 Metres Supplied & Erected Lights Supplied And Fitted Direct Buried & Foundation / Rag Bolt Mounted Poles Concrete & Asphalt Cutting, Removal & Reinstatement Concrete & Reinforcing Supply / Manufacture & Installation For Pole Foundations Electrical Cable Services Supplied & Installed Trenching / Boring / Backfill For Cables / Conduits Timber Poles Stocked Concrete Poles Available Reinstatement Of Gravel & Grassed Areas Limited Access Work